Hello! I'm Angie Who.

I LIKE: Vintage tea towels and dresses. The magic of music. Scones. Connecting people. The power of community. Creating music, among other things. Op Shopping and linen, I love linen!

I HAVE MADE: 2 humans / 1 parent friendly kids album AKA family music (Littlefolk) / 1 Audio Story (The Wimben Lumben and the Sausage with lots of help from Kinderling Kids Radio) / A picture book, based on a song, based on a conversation with my 3 year old. (looking for a publisher!)

I HAVE/DO WORK AS: A Mum /  An Independent Artist & Childrens Performer / A Nanny / A Playgroup Coordinator / An Office Manager / A check out chick / A barista, although they didn't call them that in those days...


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